Given the economic impact and likely hardships that aviation communities like yours are facing, we would like you to join us in exploring with Government the introduction of an Aviation Community Fund.

This fund would:

  • Support local communities located around airports across the UK
  • Create investment in often underfunded and forgotten communities in need of levelling up nationally
  • Operate as a small contribution from passenger tickets as was under active consideration as part of the Development Consent Order for third runway
  • Acknowledge the present challenges of the aviation sector and travel industry by exploring with HM Treasury and DfT deferred implementation
  • Have a light ring fence around it to be targeted towards interventions that support the aviation sector as a whole and local communities e.g. public transport accessibility around airports and the retraining of the local population to access jobs of the future

Hounslow Council and the West London Alliance have a long history of collaboration and partnership working, taking a responsible approach to the targeted interventions that will be needed to assist in maintaining higher levels of economic output. We now want to broaden the conversation nationally. The political administrations are working collaboratively, cross party, to identify and remedy shared challenges for the collective benefit of communities. We now wish to extend this to all aviation communities and explore this and other ideas that could form a core proposition to the Government.